Why E-Den?

The Gaming Portal

“The opportunities happen rarely.
When rains gold, place out the bucket, not the spoon.”

The Gaming world has increasingly developed over the years. It transitioned from being a hobby for very few people to a hobby for the majority of people, from being an individual source of entertainment it has become to a tool for gather Gamers with common passions and interests from all over the world. E-Den Gaming Portal was founded as a response to these statistics.

Even i f gaming’s importance in people’s life is rapidly escalating and so is the services focused on gamers and their needs are subjects to the same growth.

we realized the amount of fragmented and dispersive services, which partially meet the gamers’ needs, are gradually evolving with more and more fans.

Because who knows the real needs of a gamer better than a gamer?

So, what are the gamers looking for?

Their needs are numerous and various. From being a social​ aggregation it has become a competitional platform, a streaming service in line with the needs that develop and increase.

The goal of the E-Den Gaming project is to let the gamer free to follow his passion, whether is gaming itself, streaming or coaching. We intend to give everyone the opportunity to consider gaming as their profession through the platform’s technology.

At the same time, E-Den Gaming offers something unique and rare, not only for the user but also for potential companies that might be interested in new opportunities in this field.

For this reason E-Den Gaming goes not mean to provide just a place where gamers can meet and share their passions, but also a stage on which streamersplayers and organization can share their outcome to potential investors and sponsors.

What is the E-Den Gaming?

What the E-Den Gaming platform offers in 3 words:


E-Den Gaming is meant to be a gamer-friendly environment, where the available tools are designed for any level of knowledge.


Each user can share his achievements, the most interesting news and passion at any time.


The aim of E-Den Gaming to create an environment where every user can give their contribution according to their abilities, goals and value.

The E-Den Gaming platform is a cluster of 6 internal interconnected macro-platforms that allow the use of the entire platform with a single profile.

The universe of E-Den Gaming is composed by:

  • Social: a place where every user will be able to share, communicate and become visible.
  • Streaming: thanks to the platform’s innovative tools, every user can be own director, own producer and own content creator.
  • E-Commerce: our e-commerce platform will have the peculiarity of data decentralization and speed up transaction based on a single account in common with all other internal platforms. It will also allow sales, not only for companies, but also for gamers, organizations or anyone who needs a safe place for dealing. An innovative service will be our skin auction platform.
  • Tournament: the innovation of E-Den Gaming will be the creation of two different sections for competition management. The first section will be managed directly by E-Den in which events will be created with prizes offered by the platform or by companies interested in promoting. The second section will be managed by the gamer and by the association in order to creation the tournaments independently.
  • Reviewers: an innovative platform where each user will be able to find both videos and live content  divided into section or objects. Therefore, enthusiasts can comment, review products and services of any kind.
  • Business platform: this section is dedicated to the companies for an easy access to the world of gamers and gaming.

The opportunity in E-Den Gaming:

  1. Which business opportunity is E-Den Gaming achieving? E-Den is part of a higly competitive and fast – growing market. The numbers speak for themselves. If at the end of 2014 the global value of videogames, console, smartphone applications, moddig and gamig PC in the market was 81.5 billion dollars, in 2018 this value escalated up to 137.9 billion dollars (source: drawn from Newzoo’s report 2018). In such a competitive market there is a significant lack of a complete tools like E-Den Gaming. Everyone needs are fulfilled in a single environment with a single tool.
  2. How much is the videogames and entertainment market worth? The global market of videogames and entertainment is a fast – growing market. Currently the numbers are comparable to an emerging economy. The growth is exponential, and the predictions indicate that the growth is not going to stop in the coming years, as the following data show:
  • The year of 2014: 81.5 billion dollars
  • The year of 2015: 91.5 billion dollars
  • The year of 2016: 99.6 billion dollars
  • The year of 2017: 108.9 billion dollars
  • The year of 2018: 137.9 billion dollars

(source newzoo.com)

These numbers show a constant market growth, achieving 60% in 5 years! The videogames market does not only include gaming PC, but mobile (smartphone and tablet), console (Xbox, PS4, Nintendo) and portable console. Conscious of the market E-Den Gaming releases as a platform available on every device in the market.

  1. What the competitors doing? Today we have multiple competitors in various environments. But each of them offers only one service, whereas the E-Den Gaming offers a wide range services which gradually evolve with the needs. For instance, there are competitors for the streaming environment only (like twitch, youtube, ecc) either only tournament platform where each event is managed and organized only by the platform itself (ELS, tournament, ecc) or e–commerce platform (like Amazon, Ebay, ecc). These competitors create and satisfy only a specific need, they force the user to sign up several times with different profiles or move from one website to another in order to meet their needs, raising the number of the “clicks” and  decisional time increases.
  2. The added value of E-Den Gaming lies in the ability to connect each single need with a dedicated tool in an environment where each service communicates with all the others, reducing the minimum time of each action and decisional time, it gives the gamer more time in order to dedicate to their passion.
  3. Why do we have to support E-Den Gaming? Because E-Den is a set of innovative, unique and indispensable services for those who see their future in gaming, both in term of work and play. The market demand in 2018 was 2,341 billion people, it is expected that the growth in 2021 will reach to 2,725 billion people which is about 6% per year (source statista.com). From a company’s point of view, E-Den Gaming will permit a real and objective evaluation of its investment.
  4. Do the media talk about it? Below you will find a selection of articles apparead in orestigious newspapers last year (2018).

Investment method and partnership

There are different ways to invest, all of them particularly favorable. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us, our staff will be able to select the most interesting and relevant products for your needs. Are you interested in understanding and evaluating our project for a potential investment? Get in touch using the form below or our contact and we will be more than happy to answer all your questions.