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About E-Den Gaming,The Gaming platform

“The world lies in the hands of those have the courage to dream and who take the risk of living their dreams”

E-Den Gaming, the new Gaming and eSports platformE-Den Gaming Entertainment s.r.l. is born from an idea by Andrea Cadamuro with the group of friends, that realized a fundamental lack of new and competitive market such as Gaming. The idea of the Gaming portal has grown in a year of survey in order to get a new and a progressive idea that it could support both Gaming sports associations, clubs and e-sports which concentrate corporate budgets for a marketing campaign with a precise and Efficiency goal to be it image or economic.

Today the Gaming environment is a gold rush, as in the old American west. E-Den Gaming is born with the aim of creating a Gaming portal which is open to all such as players, teams, influencers or companies who generally have an interest in the environment of Gaming, e-sports or IT.

The newly developed platform does not let political arguments or unrelated topics involve to the Gaming or IT environment, today there are numerous social networks with the various type, but none of them are allocated to the Gamer needs or a computer enthusiast. Instead E-Den Gaming is born just for this reason, the satisfaction of being able to share and show the Gaming world beyond all the expectations.

But, E-Den Gaming is not just a Social Gaming platform, it is much more a world of choices, a place where all the expectations will be satisfied. You can build up gaming space or e-sports tournaments with your friends for comparing them, you can sell your Gaming-related products to become larger your company or sports / Gaming association. Do you want to share your skills or make them available to others in our Gaming portal, also you can earn with your passion and not only transform it into your job but also in our future.
Are you an innovative company in the Gaming field?

Have you ever made an investment that didn’t get what you expected?

Have you ever regretted after having an unsuccessful investment?

This happens again because until now there has not existed a Gaming portal such as E-Den. This is the platform that considers both needs of the end-user and the companies.

This happens, thanks to a new innovative statistics system with automatic learning which through it each company can extract the required data.

pecially, these data are real regardless their nature.

E-Den Gaming is a project that its strength is in matching every new needs. Thanks to a team who has connected both high technical proficiency and depth knowledge of the market for satisfying the needs.
E-Den Gaming, the new Gaming and eSports project

“The world is nothing else that a bundle of our imagination”

E-den Gaming Staff Andrea Cadamuro CEO of E-Den Gaming

Andrea Cadamuro

CEO - Gamer

The perfect union of profession and passion.
Andrea: co-founder and CEO of E-Den Gaming a Gamer passion for years as well!

Marco Perini

CIO - Web Master

What characterizes Marco is his passion for meticulous in details in terms of SEO and the performance of the websites which he develops.

Simone Orbana

CTO - Web Master

Specialist and programmer, both by passion and profession, Simone, CTO of E-Den Gaming is a fundamental and characteristic element of this project.

E-den Gaming Staff Andrea Mariottel CGO of E-Den Gaming

Andrea Mariottel

CGO - Marketer

An expert in marketing and investment, Andrea CGO E-Den Gaming who, with his skills and abilities, completes the skills of the entire group Comprehensively.