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E-Den Gaming

“Is necessary to unite, not to stay united but to do something together”

E-Den Gaming is an ambitious project as far as the idea behind it and the content are concerned. As a team, we believe that the contribution  of users is necessary and very important to meet all the requirements.

For this reason we will document the evolution of our Gaming platformE-Den, with a video description of the improvments we have made. It willò be avilable once a month through a log file. Users will be kept posted and qill be able to share their own ideas. We will also create two Telegram group through which users will be able to get information or share ideas directly with the implementations team, and in some cases, offer their support to the  E-Den Gaming team in the Gaming Portal.

users’ contributions and ideas will help improve all tools and features. It will also allow us to have a Gaming Platform that is in line with expeted and real needs of gamers and game enthusiast.

To do this without having to submit to market diktats, we are proposing a crowdfunding campaign taht will give the user the chance to help develop E-Den Gaming Project and receive the benefits that we will describe below.

everything will take place on two different platform and in two different moents to give veryone the opportunity to get information and then support E-Den Gaming.

Support to the Gaming project.

Participation in the E-Den Gaming project can take place in different ways. For example through a contribution of request of suggestions or request that will be allowed after registering to the development site. here all users will be able to register with their information, enter the features of their PC or Gaming PC, the social platform they use most frequently and the titles they play.

These data will be used as statistical background for the development team that will use them to focus their attention on essential services for users. These data will be automatically available when the gaming platform is completed.

The more information will be shared, the higher the prizes  each user will receive. The basic prize will consist of points through which users will be able to access premium E-Den Gaming services from 1 week up to a maximum of 1 month.

Donations are another way to support the E-Den gaming project. These donantions will be necessary for the realization of the platform and the services within the set deadlines and which will take place through two crowdfunding campaigns in two different platforms.

The campaigns will last for 90 days and when their beginning is announced, every interested user can ask questions or be informed having an open and direct channel with the developers and the communication team.

The campaigns will be of the reward type, therefore each user, in addition to supporting the realization, will be getting prizes based on the amount donated. These awards range from merchandising of the E-Den platform to privileged access to specific services or features, or premium points. Premium points will be needed to take advantage of the different services on the E-Den Gaming portal.

Each prize will be announced during the 90 days campaign. The amounts donated will be used exclusively to create the platform and all the required services, and each donor will be informed through a monthly newsletter.

Alpha phase and Beta phase.

The realization of Gaming platform as complete as E-Den Gaming requires various stages to be implemented and to be able to create all interest contents. These stages will be by invitation or following a minimum donation € 50, as indicated above.

In the Alpha phase all users admitted or invited to the E-Den Gaming test will be able to use all the services and tools developed up to that time. In the Alpha phase the invited users will be competitive players, IT experts, press observers, influencer, youtuber and streamers. We would like to emphasize that any user who believes in the E-Den Gaming project and gives it a minimum value of 50 eden-COIN, will be able to participate in both the Alpha phase and the Beta phase in preview.

The Beta phase of E-Den Gaming is the phase prior to the pubblication of the definitive platform, and it will allow access to both previously invited users and new users who have donated yhe minimun amount indicated, who have been invited, who have requested or have been drawn.

At the end of each phase, there will be a questionnaire about the experience and the services tested on the portal, with a section dedicated to suggestions from each participant.

Clearly, each phase aims to check for bugs, problems or failures in the platform. In this way we could optimize it and guarantee a minimum of 90% of usability.

Each phase will last one month, during which, each user will be able to use all the services for free and to create profiles or pages that will then be made available on the final platform.

Anyone who will be available to support the creation of the platform from technical point of view, in addition to accessing the phases for free and with privileges, will receive awards in Eden-COIN and special thanks in a section of the E-Den Gaming platform.

Donation and premium points on E-Den Gaming

Premium points are required to use the services that fill into this category. The premium services will have different uses, for example the customization of the pages, advertising for teams and for recruitment campaigns and many other uses that will be indicated at the beginning of the 90 days of presentation of the campaigns.

Whether the donations take place on the chosen platforms, or through the E-Den Gaming website in order to take advantage of benefits, receive the prizes or receive the early stage bonus, each user will be required to register on the development website.

The exchange rate chosen is 1 Eden-COIN for € 1. Eden-COIN will be entitled to discounts in the shop and access to premium services in the E-Den Gaming portal.

If you purchase Eden-COIN in the early stage, before the platform is released, you will get benefits as shown below:

  • Donation during the 90 days of E-Den Gaming presentation: For each minimum donation of 10 €, you will get 100% of Eden coin as a gift.
  • Donation during the campaign, directly from this website or on the crowdfunding platform: 75% of the Eden coin as free.
  • If a user donates a minimum amount of € 50, before the start of the Alpha phase of the platform, in addition to the free Eden-COIN percentage, he will receive direct access to the Alpha phase.
  • Donation during the Alpha phase: for each € 10 donation, the user will receive 60% of the Eden-coin as a gift.
  • All the donations of minimum amount of € 10 after start of the Alpha phase, will have a 50% return in Eden-COIN.
  • If a user will donate a minimum amount of € 50 before the start of the Beta E-Den Gaming, in addition to 40% of Eden-COIN in tribute,he will receive direct access to the Beta phase.

Pre-registration on the new Gaming project

Pre-registration in E-Den Gaming, is optional but very advantageous. It will allow the development team to be able to create your profile directly when the platform is release and then give you the opportunity to immediately start your E-Den Gaming adventure.

The marked data is the minimum data and to take advantage of some of free rewards. The more data you complete on your profile, the more benefits and rewards you will receive. This way you can be updated about your interests or you can share your data to find other gamers who just waiting for you.

To receive the benefits of completing the data you wish to share, they will be checked and validated by an Admin.

Purchase Eden-COIN

1 Eden Coin = 1 euro

In order to purchase Eden Coins you must first be registered and logged in.