E-den Gaming, Gaming and eSports platform

“The world lies in the hands of those that have the courage to dream and who take the risk of living their dreams”

E-Den Gaming, the new Gaming and eSports project
E-Den Gaming Entertainment S.r.l. originates from project by Andrea Cadamuro who, after few years of competitive gaming, together with a group of friends he realized that there was a lack of a new and competitive market like gaming. The idea of a multiservice platform for gaming was born as an answer to this need.

This idea has developed throughout a year of survey aimed at pointing out the requirements for a service that is able to fulfill the needs of gamers.

E-Den Gaming is meant to be an open platform for everyone: players, teams, inlfuencers or companies that might be intersted in the field of gaming or IT.

Our concept covers all these services that today play a key role to gamers.

“The world is nothing other than a container of our imagination”

E-den Gaming Staff Andrea Cadamuro CEO of E-Den Gaming

Andrea Cadamuro

CEO - Gamer

The perfect combination of profession and passion.
Andrea: co-founder and CEO of E-Den Gaming and a gamer passionate for years!

Marco Perini

CIO - Web Master

What characterizes Marco is his passion for meticulous details in terms of SEO and the performance of the website he develops.

Simone Orbana

CTO - Web Master

Specialist and programmer, both by passion and profession, Simone, CTO of E-Den Gaming is a essential and characteristic element of this project.

E-den Gaming Staff Andrea Mariottel CGO of E-Den Gaming

Andrea Mariottel

CGO - Marketer

An expert in marketing and investment, Andrea CGO E-Den Gaming who, with his skills and abilities, completes the skills of the entire group.